Uniquely spacious. Sheer performer.

GT7 is TECHNOHULL®’s interpretation of how a boat in the medium small category should look, feel and perform. One of a kind and unique in its dimensions, small yet super spacious, and at the same time a genuine TECHNOHULL® in performance, and aesthetics, the GT7 is beyond any doubt, a game changer in the category.

The GT7 follows TECHNOHULL®’s clean and dynamic design lines. But what sets her apart is that while maintaining a sporty, sharp and powerful look, she features a wide and spacious deck that can only be compared to far bigger boats.

Being a true TECHNOHULL®, the GT7 features a competent, balanced and finely designed Dynastream hull that allows for high performance in every aspect. Her sophisticated hull design, based on state-of-the-art naval architecture practices, endows the boat with top-of-the-line seaworthiness and stable handling, which is an outstanding fact given her rather reduced length to beam ratio.