38 Grand Sport

An absolute “machine” for speed lovers

The 38 Grand Sport is a highly competent sport boat and a genuine outperformer. Designed to offer speeds beyond limits and at the same time give absolute control to the driver and comfort to passengers, she makes a perfect “machine” for all speed lovers. Want more? The 38 Grand Sport boasts an eye catching, genuine TECHNOHULL design and offers comforts and amenities that make cruising a pleasurable experience for both the driver and the guest. Being a racer at heart, the 38 Grand Sport presents, by definition, an athletic and dynamic design, typical to TECHNOHULL. Following rigid and linear lines, along with well defined curves, she makes a sharp and utterly elegant boat.

The 38 Grand Sport epitomizes TECHNOHULL®’s DynaStream patented hull technology in all aspects of performance, highlighting the brand’s technical superiority and top performance proficiency. Top speeds, unmatched sea keeping, absolute control, ultimate running comfort, and a well refined balance between high performance and user friendliness pretty much sum up why the 38 Grand Sport’s performance proficiency.

The 38 Grand Sport is a supreme performer. The recreational version features a sophisticated, evolved twin step hull design, capable to transform horsepower to speed. Her Dynastream hull offers top notch performance along with absolute control and an extremely smooth ride, under all-weather profiles, while her supersharp entry angles result in outstanding offshore capabilities and comfortable riding.