Ribs to Go

If James Bond had a boat, it’d be the Technohull Omega 47. This luxurious RIB is sleek, fast and loaded with features. It’s an ideal “private island” for day cruises with Miss Moneypenny or overnight adventures.

The good thing about a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Bottom) is their amazing stability in choppy seas and in fast, tight turns. On calm water, it’s like riding a cloud. The bad thing is they look like rubber boats — unless they are a Technohull Omega 47. Unlike most RIBs in which the outer tube is clearly visible, Technohull blends the tube seamlessly into the sensuous, teak-accented design. The new Omega 47 is not only the best-looking RIB on the water, it’s one of the most attractive of all boats. The center console layout is eminently practical for family cruising or superyacht tender duty, while the size allows for an amazing degree of luxury. Combining a length of 47’ with a beam just over 10’ results in a lot of floating real estate. This space is put to good use in the form of fore and aft sunpads as well as a double berth and a full head below. Engine options include four 450-hp outboards, twin turbodiesel inboards or turbodiesel surface drive systems. Those seeking speed, stability and luxury will like this boat — A LOT;

Source: Brickell Magazine

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