KMB Yachting – Over the Top – Technohull Omega 47 Unveiling

KMB Yachting is proud to present the all new, larger, and more luxurious Technohull Omega 47. With the US market showing an ever-growing appetite for luxury RIBs, this new boat far exceeds all characteristics of its slightly smaller predecessor.  The Omega 47 shares the sleek profile that distinguishes Technohull RIBs, as well as the teak decks, carbon fiber elements, and high end marine upholstery, but also has more seating, a much larger cabin, full bathroom, and a Seakeeper. Available with twin inboard diesels, or up to four outboard engines, this mega RIB is capable of speeds up to 90 mph and blistering fast cruising. The RIB design, combined with the patented Dynastream technology-designed hull, and space age materials, allow for a large, efficient, and safe boat which can navigate any water conditions and commands attention in any marina.

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