Explorer 40

A day boat that combines thrilling rides and unparalleled comfort

A multifunctional day boat that combines high performance and outstanding seakeeping capabilities, with a spacious deck, ample lounging areas and a comfortable cabin with headroom. Aiming at offering a fulfilling experience in all aspects, the Explorer 40 is poised to perform in every way, satisfying to the maximum both the driver and the guest as well. And all these, in 40 feet that stay, in every inch, true to TECHNOHULL’s high performance heritage and distinctive design. No wonder why we think of the Explorer 40 as the ultimate day boat.

Extra space is what lies at the design core of the Explorer 40. And even though it seems hard to imagine, her well balanced design still manages to follow TECHNOHULL’s trademark design lines and maintain the sharp and dynamic shape of a genuine top performance boat.

The Explorer 40, offering a range of 250+ NM, proves to be a high performer in a wide array of experiences, allowing you to enjoy the sea from a spot-on perspective. Whether you are after a relaxed ride with friends or looking to live the thrill of cruising at speeds over 80 knots, the ultimate day boat is poised to perform and offer you a fulfilling driving experience. All that, thanks to its well-balanced, state of the art hull, that has been designed in white paper precisely for that reason by TECHNOHULL’s high expertise naval architects’ team using the Dynastream hull design technology.